A Writing Journey Series (Part 2)

A writing journey part 2

Part 2: Bringing Your Characters to Life

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Many of us have played with or seen our little siblings playing with paper dolls somewhere back in our past. The child envisioned that doll coming to life, and if you asked her, she would tell you all about her, but to us, she was just a paper doll. Those paper dolls are the perfect example. They are flat, just like so many of the characters in the books we read or in the book we are writing. If that character doesn’t live with you long after you close the book, there is something wrong.

In this class, we will be building characters, including their moral compass. Many of the characters we see only have one side to them, the other side is never exposed. Characters like people have layers upon layers within them. It is like peeling an onion back to expose their past. The character might be a real badass, but is there a light deep within that may save him? Just think how people change through the years, your characters can change too, but it is a process, not with the flip of a switch.

We may start with a paper doll in mind, but then as we explore this character, things change. These changes can guide your story (if you are listening) into places you never imagined. And, just as they come alive, their environment comes alive as well.

This class will be inspiring to say the least. It will change the way you bring your characters on to the page.