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I love the work I do. I really do. And, through the years of coaching, editing and publishing others’ work, I feel I have found my groove, so to speak, as my more personal way of working with others emerges. 

My promise to you and to myself
I will not work on any manuscript that is filled with hateful speech and untruths or that is challenging our Democracy in any way. My promise to you is I will not let your book go until I am convinced that what we have is the best we can do. I have never set out a true pricing structure before, but in that same breath of finding my groove, I now feel comfortable with my pricing.

Mission Statement
To bring joy to the writing experience by inspiring each writer to explore their emotional centers from where all ‘great’ stories emerge.

Editorial Assessments

$ 295
Recommended for writers needing a professional editorial assessment.
  • Includes 30 min initial consultation
  • Includes Overall Summary of manuscript
  • Includes Chapter by Chapter written review
  • Amount can be applied to coaching package, editing, or publishing fee.


$ 1,500
A 3 month package. Recommended for writers needing help polishing their manuscript.
  • Includes 30 min initial consultation
  • Includes One-on-one coaching call once a week for one (1) hour as we work towards the completion of your manuscript
  • Includes Writing examples and editing remarks re structural issues and any other help each writer needs
  • Can be paid over 3 months ($500 each)
Most Popular


$ 2,700
Recommended for clients who need editing and publication. The goal is to have a finished product and be published within six months.
  • Includes 30 min initial consultation
  • ISBN registration (cost not included)
  • includes limited Editing, formatting, and publishing. For a maximum six month period. Added pricing for additional time.
  • typesetting and minimal publishing costs (not included)
  • Cover design recommendations