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These online classes are designed to inspire writers to write their best by exploring their emotional centers, releasing their emotions which create feeling in your writing – through a series of tools and processes, your best writing will emerge.

Is something missing from your manuscript? Is your story all over the place? I love working with these writers to bring their story out on the page, while maintaining their writer’s voice. We will work together to let your  words fall onto the page.

Do you need a good editor? Do you have a manuscript that is ready to be edited and published? Writing the book is only the beginning. Getting an editor who understands your work, and then getting it published finishes it off beautifully.

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Class starts May 16, 2022

A Writing Journey (Part 1):
Unlocking Your Emotional Center - Let the words flow

This class is designed to open you to your emotional centers where all good writing is lifted on to the page. There is an old saying out there, “If you speak or [write] from your head, no one will hear you, but if you speak or [write] from your heart, the whole world will listen!”

In this class we will explore how to add emotion to your writing and why it is so important. Without emotion, there is no feeling. Also, when you open up to your emotional center, it takes you to a much deeper place in your writing, one we’ve all struggled to get to. One that let’s the words and the emotions flow onto the page. One that let’s the reader experience your journey, or that of your character. We will practice the process in this class.

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Leaning into silence - Building unforgettable scenes

There is a knack to writing good scenes, scenes to move your narrative forward, but at the same time build character, create tension and have emotion. When I first created this class, I taught it as a workshop in nature. Since then, seeing how beautifully it worked, I have taught it in several places, and now it will be online and should be able to be completed in three weeks, but once you have registered you can go back to the class whenever you like.

This class is setup as an evergreen class, meaning upon registration, the entire class is ready for you. You can go through it all in one weekend or spread it out over three weeks. Whichever you do, be sure to practice the process. 

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Creating A Sustainable Writing Life

Writing takes focus, and we’ll cover the importance of attention and focus and share how your brain often works against you when you’re trying to do focused work. We will also work with designing your writing environment to eliminate distractions so you can focus on generating and developing your story ideas.