emotion: write your best, or settle for less?

Emotion class
  • Are your words falling flat, not relaying their power to the reader?
  • Is your writing coming off as very shallow?
  • Are you getting frustrated, wanting your writing to let the reader in on the experience, but it just isn’t working?

This class is for you!

This 3-hour workshop is designed for you to come away with this different technique to add emotion to your writing and bring it alive on the page.

Your Investment – $97

Registration: Open Anytime (Class runs continuously)

A power-packed mini-class that brings understanding to how to write From Your Emotional Center and let it set your writing on fire. We will begin by understanding the difference and why when a writer writes with emotion the readers can “experience” the story. Look at how you normally write, then tweak it with this new way and see the difference!  You will walk away with this new understanding of your writing! I promise!

My Story

I’m not very good when it comes to writing about myself – tooting my own horn, so to speak. It all sounds so boring, a little flat.

But the basis of all of it is that I hold a BA from Vermont College and an MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles with a dual concentration in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. I am also a certified Creative Writing Instructor and the author of Song of the Earth, a novel said to be a journey into our consciousness, both as a people and as a nation which will be re-released this summer. I was a late bloomer, as a single mother, I raised my three children and after they all graduated from college, I then began to take my passions seriously. So, what does all this mean?
It means I have a passion, actually two or three or four of them, but we will just talk about this passion. A passion for exploring the depths of human nature through writing, and to see that look of knowing in my student’s eyes, that ‘aha’ moment, when it all comes together into one – when they discover the key to good writing is to open up their ‘emotional center’ where feeling emerges.
By exploring the ‘writer self’ through the essences of nature, my students create characters and a sense of place that brings them alive on the page, rising up from the land as if it/he/she/they were born of the earth.

I have carried my passions with me crisscrossing the country – managing a guest ranch in Arizona for many years, caring for my elderly parents in Missouri while writing each day. I recently lost Harry, my wonderful Black Lab at 15.5 years of age, and now living in Boise, ID with my sweet Ellie, a Golden Retriever now 14 years of age.

I took several months off, spent a lot of hours hiking in the foothills with the dogs, giving great thought to offering these classes, or just not doing anymore at all. Soon I realized that wasn’t an option as I love to teach, coach and edit. Then I thought it would have been easiest just to re-offer the ones I have taught in the past, but circumstances change us as we move forward, and now as you peruse through the classes, you will discover everything is new, ready to move us forward. You will notice an added layer of depth and excitement to each of my new offerings and also be sure to peruse my Services page for editing, coaching, and publishing.

Explore the possibilities and see what fits for each of you. If you have any questions, just email me.