Finally, We Have a First Draft – Now the Work Begins

Finally FIrst Draft Freebie class


Date: Thursday, December 28th, 2023 – 11 AM (MST); 
Date: January 4th, 2023 – 2 PM (MST);

Pricing: FREE Sign up for whichever date works best for you. Come prepared to take notes and to learn. There will be a free download for each of you in attendance. 

This class will give you some great ideas to sink your teeth into and get you excited about the next phase of your writing and bring some joy into your writing life. I have created our “Beneath the Words: A Manuscript Guide to Writing with Depth” that is downloadable for you to keep and refresh yourself with whenever you feel the “well running dry.”

Our class motto when you study with me. Please let this stand out.

We Don’t Hang Out in the Shallows, We Delve into the Deep Current of our Creativity.
C. Susan Nunn

Yes, you may feel like dancing in the wind, celebrating this milestone of having your first draft done, but not so fast. As we flip through the hundred or so pages of manuscript, now we realize this is where the real work, and the joy of writing begin. In this FREE Webinar, I am going to give you some ideas about how to bring your First Draft to a Final Draft and to enjoy every minute of the process. 

The first step in publishing your work is to get your manuscript in perfect shape. What’s perfect? We will get to that. Did you know that 2.3 million books were self-published in 2021? That’s a lot of books, but the sad part about it is, not all of these books are actually written well enough to be on the market. Since self-publishing hit the mainstream, many are just writing something and publishing it. They don’t get it edited or read by any of their peers to see if it has any merit. They probably won’t go anywhere, but they can still say they are now published authors. Not only are they giving self-publishing a bad name, but each of these writers are cheating themselves out of putting a really good book on the market. We writers put our hearts and souls into our work, and we want it to be the best it can be. Let’s not cheat ourselves.

I have been editing and publishing for over a decade now, and the one thing I see our writers need the most is information on publishing their own work. And, that is exactly what I am here to do. The first thing is getting our manuscripts in order and that is what we will be talking about during the webinar. I can’t tell you how many times someone has sent me a manuscript for a final edit, and it is a first draft and has a lot of work to do before they need a final edit. I’m always willing to help them, as they don’t realize they aren’t finished. We still have work to do.

This is why I am offering this free webinar, to give each of you the opportunity to understand what it takes to prepare a manuscript from the first draft to the final draft, and of course, I can’t teach a year-long course in thirty to forty minutes, but with this tool, I have devised, it will be extremely helpful. Our “Beneath the Words: A Manuscript Guide to Writing with Depth” is designed to inspire you as the writer to look deeper.